Roundup of fathead sandwiches and things.

I think the fathead dough movement is a game changer. While admittedly, nothing compares to the warmth of a newly-baked white brioche, I honestly would pick my sandwiches any given day– Just think 40 grams vs 6 grams of net carbs no thanks Brioche!

Apart from the luxury of being able to make it during my lunchbreak— (My work is about 10 minutes away–a dream) It is considerably effin cheap compared to buying a bun-less burger.
(Side tracking a little bit— there’s also an In and out and Wendy’s which is walkable near my work- but I chose to really create my own).

I counted the net carbs of typical sandwhiches– it’s about 6 grams net carbs– depending on what I put in between.
I only utilize four ingredients in my sandwhiches. Cheese, Almond flour, flax and an egg. Almond flours are a must in my kitchen. I’d rather hoard them than run out.

Here are some ample sample of what I usually eat on weekdays.



Mustard, Pickles and hotdogs are an awesome threesome. My bread almost can’t handle the enormous awesomeness of these. I also tend to choose my hotdogs quite well.  Be always wary of the carb count per sausage. I throw in some crimini mushrooms for an added crunch and texture


Ah yes a calzone-wannabe. Or let me call this a pizza sandwhich. all the pizza ingredients melted in savory synchronized sandwhich. I don’t like eating big slices of salame so i cut them in strips to accomodate my  sandwhich. Let it sit in the oven for an extra minute to let the cheese and salame melt with the tomato sauce. A mess, but well worth it!



The classic bacon. Throw anything with bacon and enough is said.





Spam with a load of lettuce.  A sneaky and flavorful way of getting your veggies in.