Lady Lazy Friday

Been insanely lazy today, Friday.

Woke up an hour late so we didn’t get to do our usual workout at the gym.
It’s a decision to be lazy, and I’m owning up to it, not going to cry of feel the need to squeal about how I feel like I’m the victim here, because obviously I’m not.

All I need to do is to be wake the fuck up it’s amazing to have my husband as my accountability partner.

But there’s simply now way in hell I would work out at lunch time.

So I’m just declaring today as meh day but no excuse to eat garbage, I didn’t and have no plans to eat loads either.

Once you’re in this particular lifestyle of not eating sugar, there is really no craving for sweets or anything carby. I’ll just chill waiting for the day to be done and prep a nice Friday night meal