must-have (keto) things

I rely heavily on these stars of my keto cooking. I never run out of them. You know when you have a shopping list etched in your brain automatically? These are mine.

Below are some of my must-haves for my weekly kitchen adventures

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Erythritol  I’m sorry stevia, it just hits my taste buds the wrong way. A lot of keto peeps love it and use it in their muffins and what-have-you’s, unfortunately its a nay for me. Erythritol is the best-tasting one for me, although there are some reported bloatedness.  I use it in my coffee and baked goods all the time. You’d be amazed at how subtle the sweetness hits you, and a 2.5 bag would last about a month. Typically, I hoard a 5-lb bag from Amazon (which costs about 27 bucks (including tax) to last me a long time. I have yet to try Xylitol.  I wanted to try swerve too for baking, it’s just so nice also to see a lot of options in  Amazon these days. and I shall make a review about that soon.

Almond Flour. Let me count the ways of how much my life has changed. Muffins, pie crusts, my fatheatdough are all powered by almond flour. I would post more recipes soon. I use almond flour daily. I’m very lucky to be living in almond country, California, where there is an insane abundance of Almond Flour. I prefer the brand from Trader Joe’s blanched almonds because my baked goods are immensely bread-like. If I needed breaded recipes  though, such as my broiled chicken parm or any sneaky keto recipes that required breading.  I use the almond meal variety-

Coconut Oil- Born and raised in the Philippine Islands, this is what I absolutely missed about the Philippines. There is an abundance of coconut oil in my country and I even learned how to make my own first hand– a little messy but worth it. This is very essential in every keto pantry. Also, despite what the label says on the brand, coconut oil has a high smoke point.

Heck, this is what we were used to be cooking with and is present in so many desserts and delicacies— it enhances the sweetness of chocolate, making it ideal for brownies and cinnamon goods.

Apart from being my ideal baking companion, they are an excellent moisturizer.  Since moving to the U.S., my oily face has turned really dry from the weather. I honestly lost hope with my skin,  but after applying coconut oil to my face before going to bed for several weeks, man, my skin is supple again, and just think how much we women spend in our moisturizers— man compare that to a fraction of what we pay for coconut oil. Also, can I ask for a favor and support my country? Whenever you buy coconut oil majority would be from the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. I would appreciate it if you choose the one from the Philippines. It helps a lot of coconut farmers and the coconut-agriculture industry.




Ghee. O-em-ghee. this is for my high sauteing needs,  They work well when sauteing meats, based on my experience. Unlike Coconut oil which has a distinct taste in sauteed meals, I go for ghee because it doesn’t leave any aftertaste. I also incorporate ghee when I make garlic spreads, which my husband loves. . This is honestly a winner.


Oaxaca Cheese. Secret’s out.  This is my fathead star of the show.  I don’t know about you all fathead brothers and sisters, i love you all, but I make mine sans mozarella but with Oaxaca Cheese. I love the subtle taste of Oaxaca, I buy them in square globs, I know shredded ones makes our fathead life easy but with all proper planning and prepping it works out. I love this amazing cheese.