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sunday pizza day

So I made two pizzas yesterday for lunch- because the first pizza was for me since his lunch is an ordinary non-high fat low carb. I always cook two different meals- we have incredibly opposing taste in our meals.

It’s hilarious how my husband stares at my food with such gleam in his eyes it feels like the moment I walk down the aisle on our wedding day but stares at my food and not me lol. this time he eyed my pizza with quite envy.

with bell peppers – hubby hates bell peppers


So I had to make him his own- sand the red peppers an with loads of cheese and pepperoni. he would’t admit it but he is loving my fathead dough lol.

Fathead dough is the easiest dough in the world to work with. I delight in making them. Other recipes call for microwaving the cheese in a bowl but i hate that messy nonsense plus I don’t nuke my food so I go the longer route like so:


Roundup of fathead sandwiches and things.

I think the fathead dough movement is a game changer. While admittedly, nothing compares to the warmth of a newly-baked white brioche, I honestly would pick my sandwiches any given day– Just think 40 grams vs 6 grams of net carbs no thanks Brioche!

Apart from the luxury of being able to make it during my lunchbreak— (My work is about 10 minutes away–a dream) It is considerably effin cheap compared to buying a bun-less burger.
(Side tracking a little bit— there’s also an In and out and Wendy’s which is walkable near my work- but I chose to really create my own).

I counted the net carbs of typical sandwhiches– it’s about 6 grams net carbs– depending on what I put in between.
I only utilize four ingredients in my sandwhiches. Cheese, Almond flour, flax and an egg. Almond flours are a must in my kitchen. I’d rather hoard them than run out.

Here are some ample sample of what I usually eat on weekdays.



Mustard, Pickles and hotdogs are an awesome threesome. My bread almost can’t handle the enormous awesomeness of these. I also tend to choose my hotdogs quite well.  Be always wary of the carb count per sausage. I throw in some crimini mushrooms for an added crunch and texture


Ah yes a calzone-wannabe. Or let me call this a pizza sandwhich. all the pizza ingredients melted in savory synchronized sandwhich. I don’t like eating big slices of salame so i cut them in strips to accomodate my  sandwhich. Let it sit in the oven for an extra minute to let the cheese and salame melt with the tomato sauce. A mess, but well worth it!



The classic bacon. Throw anything with bacon and enough is said.





Spam with a load of lettuce.  A sneaky and flavorful way of getting your veggies in.



The 1 Cheese You Should Be Using for the best fathead pizza of your life!

MMMM my mouth waters just the thought of Oaxaca Cheese. This humble, underrated, string cheese can be found in Mexican or Latin American groceries all over the Bay Area.

Yep! for $4 / pound you can  create about four  13 x 18 inch thin fathead crusts (what an oxymoron), throw in your favorite marinara sauce and other  toppings and you’re good to go.

Oaxaca cheese is my go-to queso for my fathead pizzas.  I never use shredded mozzarella , I refuse to do it because of the amount of cellulose in the store bought shredded cheese, plus proximity-wise, a Oaxaca cheese is just a walk away from where am. Get it? A “walk away from Oaxaca” sounded cute (For those who aren’t aware it is pronounced as “WA-HA-KAh” ).  

I just  spared you a lesson in pronunciation and  you’re welcome.

For the recipe below I added Queso Monterey, also bought from the same Latin American grocery I frequent.

Thanks to Tom Naughton  who introduced the keto community the fathead pizza– (through his distant relative) Incorporating cheese and your choice of low carb flour has been a raving success, and a lot of cooks has tweaked theirs to each preference. Some do microwave, some do not (like me) and  the choices for toppings are endless.

Here’s my take on the famous fat head pizza: I make mine in thin crust variety so make room for the savory pepperoni and three cheese pomodoro sauce.

I’m telling you, once you go this fathead route, your low carb pizza will never be the same.


Flax Fathead Pizza

5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes


    For the Dough
  • 6 Oz Oaxaca Queso
  • 4 Oz Monterey Queso
  • 1/3 c almond flour
  • 1/3 c flaxseed (ground)
  • 1 egg
    For the topping
  • Your choice of marinara sauce 1/2 cup
  • Shredded cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Mushrooms, Onions, Pepperoni (Whatever you like!)


  1. In Low heat and using a non stick pan, melt the quesos together
  2. Be very careful watching over the cheese, stir constantly!
  3. When combined nicely and melted, throw in the almond flour + ground Flaxseed
  4. Stir and turn off the stove
  5. Let the mixture combine together for a minute
  6. Add the egg as soon as the mixture is not too hot --
  7. (A good gauge is when you can poke the mixture with your finger -and not be scalded in the process-- be VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF! You have been warned)
  8. Mix the egg completely to the cheese + almond flour +flax mixture- until it turns into a doughy consistency
  9. On a clean, flat surface like your counter top, transfer the dough to parchment paper (should be the preferred size of your actual pizza
  10. Cover with another parchment paper.
  11. Roll with a rolling pin or a wine bottle-careful to see if you roll it to your preferred thickness
  12. On the same parchment paper where rolled the same dough (no need to remove the rolled dough) Place the rolled dough on a baking sheet
  13. Poke the flat dough with a fork (to not create air pockets) bake into 400 degree F Oven for 10 minutes
  14. After ten minutes you fathead dough should have brown sides
  15. Let pie crust cool for 3 minutes
  16. Spread your toppings
  17. Pop it back in the oven for 5 minutes
  18. Enjoy the creation you did not know is possible without flour


Note on the toppings,  my friends- the options are endless!

I can serve this to my husband all the time, because and his face lights up whenever I place a tray in front of him.

Try it and please let me know how yours turned out! I would love to know!

Happy #nationalcheeselovers day!

Hey ketofam its our day today, what a perfect timing that its also saturday! I knew I ran out of oaxaca cheese and theres only about 4 oz left of a Mexican monterey jack block cheese left in my fridge, but the thing with the fathead crust is that it is sooo adaptable to your liking of crust thickness so i was able to stretch this beautiful flavorful cheese. So lemme give you three ideas how to enjoy this wonderous day!

1. Fathead pizza. The quickest way in the bunch. Just choose your marinara sauce, cheese and toppings and pop it real quick.

2. Fathead taco. The elaborate preparation for ingredient is worth it!

3. Fathead calzone. I do the ingredients somehow similar to the pizza but i add ricotta and ground beef.

Soooo lets do this crust shall we?

The base crust will all be the same for three meals, for the crust would work well just the same. Think a gooey-er more flavorful crust. I roll mine really thin.

I refuse to have a microwave oven in our apartment, but that saves for another conversation so we never microwave our food at home. I take the longer route but I think its better.

Heating them cheese in med low and slow. If you see the cheese melting be mindful to adjust the heat accordingly.

Im pleasantly surprised at how monterey worked with 1/4 c almond flour.

The melting procedure in the stove should take about 5-10 mins, i added about a handful of La Chona, a Mexican cheese and it melted beautifully.

Sandwhich a portion of the melted dough between 2 parchment papers, and roll it with a wine bottle. (Off topic- Because keeping this bottle reminded me of how expensive that white wine was and i didn’t even like it). This is a life hack, if you may. Why buy a 20 dollar kitchen aid rolling pin when you have this?

I used to avoid kraft because I have an aversion to gigantic companies but I totally love this sharp cheddar. Way to go fake- flavored kraft.

350 degrees @ 10 mins. I forgot to poke with my fork. If if turns golden brown around the edges its ready.