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Lady Lazy Friday

Been insanely lazy today, Friday.

Woke up an hour late so we didn’t get to do our usual workout at the gym.
It’s a decision to be lazy, and I’m owning up to it, not going to cry of feel the need to squeal about how I feel like I’m the victim here, because obviously I’m not.

All I need to do is to be wake the fuck up it’s amazing to have my husband as my accountability partner.

But there’s simply now way in hell I would work out at lunch time.

So I’m just declaring today as meh day but no excuse to eat garbage, I didn’t and have no plans to eat loads either.

Once you’re in this particular lifestyle of not eating sugar, there is really no craving for sweets or anything carby. I’ll just chill waiting for the day to be done and prep a nice Friday night meal


Not food related (video below) this is a post about being grateful .

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A year ago, some absent minded, oblivious person hit us and car was totaled. Cut the long story short, we walked away serious injury-free, though still working on the mental and emotional side up until now.

It was a supposed quick trip to LA to get something for our FJ— (a sweet roadtrip of about 5-6 hours from San Francisco). Ironically the whole purpose of the trip was to take the car accessory back SF, but sadly we left Southern California without our first FJ Cruiser.

The funniest thing was, we were hit at a residential area, of all places, where the assumption of safety is higher.

It taught me a lot of life lessons such as to be more conscious and not rely alone on my husband for everything.

To always be alert even when I’m not the one driving, and not be on the phone all the time.

Also, to not have my emotions  get the best of me. Believe me you, I almost attacked the lady  who hit is but then I had to stop.

… and of course invest on a good dash camera, it is the most essential part and I hate having to use the word “invest” because it is almost  taboo to define something as an investment when we had to shell out about 150 but it sure as hell an amazing “investment” (strong police evidence, ergo, insurance settlement)

Anyhoo, I won’t honestly make this post too emotional, although it sincerely effed my for a time, but it honestly helps to have an amazingly reliable dash  camera.  



Quick tip: It would also be super if the dash camera you will get has a built in screen– like ours was.

I remember after gathering a presence of mind (whilst) still hanging on the side –as you can see on the insane state of the car- we ended up on the side— I had a little presence of mind to tell my husband to take the dash camera.

This made the police investigation easy—- the lady in the other vehicle did not stop on the stop sign and we had the right of way so… Yeah.


When we were extracted from the vehicle, my hubby showed the video from the police and bam we have case!

All thanks to the strong evidence from the camera. Actual car can’t be seen on the frame but you can see how we turned over at the 1″13 mark. The first time I saw the video it still traumatized the heck out of me, but we lived. So yea, get a freakin camera for yourself. The camera also had the speed limit on the video meaning my husband was just driving below the speed limit.


Anyhoo those are the takeaways from this life-changing experience– not take things for granted, be aware, and lastly, be very grateful.

As always, I am very grateful for you reading my post.

Have you had any crazy driving experience you want to share? Comment below and let’s talk!


It’s February! Milestones and such

These are the times that normally I am excited about my birthdays but now it’s just meh. It’s so funny how with age. marriage and contentment,  the excitement over birthdays dies down – it’s actually the denial of an impending addition to age . I’ve been blessed beyond and I couldn’t ask for anything else, although I’m hinting my hubby a Copper Chef 10 inch non stick pan, a silicone whisk, silicone muffin cups or a silicone baking mat  or any $50 gift card from Bed Bath & Beyond would also be great!

Speaking of gifts, my wonderful aunt from NY sent me an amazing card with a funny giftcard attached– it’s a subtle pressure to bear children, LOL. I am grateful for this love from my Aunt. Despite not having a lot of close relatives the love from my few close ones definitely outnumbers the useless ones who just remember you if they need something, LOL.   


More cooking over the weekend is in order and I shall fill my blog with a lot recipes. Over the past 3 days I’ve been eating nothing but fathead pizzas, unbelievable but yeah it’s been incredibly filling.  Although my stomach is reacting from too much cheese I guess. Still not complaining and pizzaing on