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The return of the creamy green goo

Stevia has always left a very bitter taste in my mouth. (You can’t get any more literal than that ) It has never worked in my baked goods, tasted gross, didn’t like it in my coffee and everything else. I discovered though that there is an amazing way to use this horrendous sweetener.


Surprisingly Tolerable.



I had no choice but to go back to my green goo again, a.k.a green smoothies, because for weeks now I feel this weird pains in my tummy— it’s been ongoing for about 3 weeks now I guess. I figured Its due to the lack of veggies in my diet, because majority of the foods that I eat are butter & cheese- based dishes & meats. So therefore i needed to eat my greens again.

I guess since stevia is derived from a plant, it only follows that it would complement a smoothie. I haven’t had a green smoothie in ages, ever. The Ninja blender I got for my birthday last year costs over 100 bucks, and since moving to a bigger apartment, I kind of felt guilty for not using it. It just sat there sad and unused.

For this smoothie, i just threw in the herb mix from Trader Joe’s, added a little cream, ground flax and stevia.

So I drank one this morning and hopefully my shitty digestive situation will literally turn good.

What’s your favorite smoothie?