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Getting back on track after a week

I got off the keto rail for a week: relatives came over and my willpower flew out of the window.

For six days I went all out blowout with carbs: white bread, fried rice and all those sumptious dishes that needed rice. I had irish fudge that were sinfully sweet and incredibly rich, italian biscotti that was actually made in Italy and I discovered upon the suggestion of my mother in law, that soy creamer really taste good in coffee. Screw that for now I’ll stick to my organic soy. Anyway my normalcy is back today and keto also. Its so strange how my carb tripping has affected my digestion. I’ve had constipation for the entire duration of my eating normal carbs that its so sad. While nothing can ever replace that freakishly good brioche loaf, man its not really worth not having to poop for days. Ugh.